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                                     NUMBER 5
Number 5 the number of the senses symbolizes the planet Mercury, and people born under this member and mercurial in all their characteristics.  Lively, sensual, pleasure-seeking, impulsive, quick-thinking and quick –tempered, these highly strung number 5 people may have trouble with their nerves.  They are good at making money, especially by risk or speculation, and they bounce back easily from any failure.  They make friends easily with people born under any other number, but close friends will probably be fellow number 5s.  Wednesday is the luckiest day for the quicksilver number 5.

Number 5 Personalities

Those born on 5-14-23 and all those born on any date having the fadic number 5 and those having the name in 5 come under this group.  This is a very magnetic number. Mercury can be separated and gathered quickly.  So whatever may be the difficulties and trials of life, these people adjust and plan for the future. 

On the physical side of this number these people have sharp eyes.  They walk fast with long steps.  Their active mind takes every opportunity that comes in their way. They do not like idle talk and measure the words in terms of money.  Change is the most striking feature of their life.  But if we watch their lives it will be seen that they improve after every change.  This is the life map.  Because of this number, these people are successful.

All kind of mercantile activities, higher astrology, studies of abstract science are peculiar to this number.  In common life we have studied that Karma Indriyas are 5, Gnana Indriyas are 5, there are 5 elements (Pancha Bhutas), five fingers etc.

When the linking force is seen, in the positive side of this number, there is disconnecting force in the negative side.  Children who desert their studies, who learn smoking behind the walls are also bad 5.  Lies and falsehood are common.  He will not attend the class but on account of his shrewdness, will gather every detail whether the last period was leisure or not.  With this knowledge he will nicely tell his parents as if he had attended the class.  Bad 5 is a hypocrite, pretends to be pious and rob others.  Robber with top dress are generally bad 5 persons.

Nervousness if the chief ailment of this class.  When Mercury is bad in the horoscope or when the palm is a heavily lined one, nervous disease is almost likely.  I have come across persons in both sexes, several 5 persons who are in the habit of biting the nail. The number 5 in these cases is badly set up.  Sufficient rest taking fruit juices, taking less drinks, timely food, and cold water bath, avoiding smoking and night shows are the best remedial measures.

Lucky Dates
The dates 5-14-23 are good.  The 5 is the middle number and as such no date is a particular bad date.                                        

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